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Hawkeye Fire and Security

Hawkeye Fire and Security is a family run Merseyside business that installs home security and alarm systems across the North West. Deter thieves from targeting your home. Call for a free estimate today.

Protect Your Home With The Latest CCTV And Intruder Alarm

The impact of seeing your underwear laid out on the floor after a burglary is horrible. Physical possessions are not the only items that are stolen. Victims are burdened with the feeling of helplessness and are also left to worry about the possibility of a future break-in.

Hawkeye Fire and Security can help you protect your property by installing an integrated security system that links an intruder alarm with a CCTV system. The presence of a visible home alarm system is enough to keep away intruders who will leave you feeling violated.

Fire safety system

About Hawkeye Fire And Security

We offer fire and security solutions for large commercial sites, small businesses, and residential properties. You can count on us for a full range of services from an initial assessment through to a full installation of a security system.

Get in touch with Hawkeye Fire and Security for a free no obligation quote.


“Outstanding company. Delivered our requirements as requested. Partners forever”


“Highly recommended, Danny fitted my house alarm and CCTV. He is very professional from start to finish; he does everything he promises to do and beyond. He is a very approachable and hard-working young man who deserves to do well. He also keeps to his word regarding aftercare.”



Access control is an electronic solution that provides physical and operational security 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Monitor exposure to hazardous areas and limit entry to valuable equipment with software that integrates into your IT system. Call Hawkeye Fire and Security on 07570 285309 for a free security control estimate.

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