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Significantly Reduce The Risk Of Death Or Injury With A Fire Alarm System

Hawkeye Fire And Security is a Merseyside business that installs access control systems. Find a solution that will stop non-authorised people from entering your building or restricted areas. Call us for a free quote today

Leaders In Access Control Installation

Access control is a critical part of an integrated security system. Controlling access to restricted areas within a building is a constantly evolving challenge. Hawkeye Fire and Security will help you regulate access to your premises.

Reduce the need for manned guarding by utilising a top of the range access control solution. We will help you decrease the risk of security breaches, improve ID management, and meet compliance regulation.

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A business woman is using card open the  electronic door of office

Access Control That Minimises Organisational Risks

The demand for an intelligent access control system is growing. Meet the expectations of the people that work in your office building with a system that consistently identifies authorised personnel. The solution that we point you towards will integrate into your security and fire systems.

Building security become vulnerable when temporary electronic passes get lost. Visitors do not always return passes when they leave. We can upgrade your security to include technology that automatically cancels visitor credentials after a set time.

Start a conversation about installing a reliable security control solution by calling 07570 285309.

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“Speedy service. Professional and competitive rates.”


“Amazing work done by a decent and genuine gentleman! Services from this man is outstanding and top-quality work is carried out, time scale on the job was perfect and didn't take any longer than it should of! Reasonable and affordable prices too! I definitely recommend Danny”.


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Access control is an electronic solution that provides physical and operational security 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Monitor exposure to hazardous areas and limit entry to valuable equipment with software that integrates into your IT system. Call Hawkeye Fire and Security on 07570 285309 for a free security control estimate.

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