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Emergency exit of the building with fire exit sign and fire extinguisher

Significantly Reduce The Risk Of Death Or Injury With A Fire Alarm System

Hawkeye Fire and Security are fire alarm system installers who serve customers in Merseyside. We are your number one choice for system design, installation, and servicing. Call us for a free quote 

Increase Safety Levels With A Fire Detection System

Keep your staff safe with a fire alarm system that meets legal requirements. Your building’s exit lights, emergency lights, central battery system, and emergency lighting monitoring system must all meet regulatory standards.

Hawkeye Fire and Security can design a fire detection system that is based on a risk assessment which meets the demands of your business's building and activities. You can count on us to survey, install, and manage the fire and security system for your company.

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Fire exit sign lightbox in the airport terminal emergency exit way. Green emergency exit s

Professionally Installed Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting refers to a range of reserve lights that will automatically operate during a power outage. This is important because it allows occupants to evacuate safely. The size and layout of your property determines the complexity of your emergency lighting design.

Hawkeye Fire and Security can fit a comprehensive lighting system that meets UK legislation. Your lighting design is one of your building’s most important safety systems.  We will consider the restrictions imposed by your office’s installation environment when determining your emergency lighting system.

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“We’ve been using Danny here at Kuckoo for a huge range of security services, he’s always available at the drop of a hat and always delivers. Can’t recommend enough.

Our CCTV, alarms, fire systems and Wi-Fi networking is all done through Hawkeye and is a one stop shop for us. Not only maintaining and servicing current equipment but offering and executing improvements and suggestions to better and simplify our systems.

Always been happy with the work and used Danny for many years.”


“Great service and very knowledgeable. Used for a large fire alarm at a mill we service. Totally up to date with new technology for my alarm and cameras too.”


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Access control is an electronic solution that provides physical and operational security 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Monitor exposure to hazardous areas and limit entry to valuable equipment with software that integrates into your IT system. Call Hawkeye Fire and Security on 07570 285309 for a free security control estimate.

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